Kitchen Sneak Peak

Construction is underway in the basement. We are going on week two. Most of the sheet rock is up and the mud is drying. Once it's dry, the bathroom can finally get put back together. There's definitely some low ceilings around the bathroom entrance, but that's to be expected in an old house with a basement. Luckily, I'm short so it doesn't matter.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything is finished by Thanksgiving. Here's a sneak peak of our kitchen. I'm definitely going to have to install a backsplash since the countertop backing is a little lower than the old ones, but I'm really pleased with how everything has turned out so far. I had our construction crew install a pendant light over the sink. Who knew a little light could add so much to a space?


Long time, no see

I bet you can't guess what I'm about to say.

Drum roll, please...


I have so many pictures ready to share, but not ONE room is completely finished. **sigh**

Thankfully, we are meeting with a contractor this weekend. We plan to let him finish the house. I wish we were able to finish the driveway and the exterior of the house, but it's not looking like that's going to happen. Can you say money pit?

At any rate, if we can get the inside finished, I'll be one happy girl. :)

 photo e54c9d56-967e-44e0-b1c3-759de8c42080_zps3ff14616.png



Today I may actually feel like this house may eventually be a home. Our furniture is being delivered this afternoon. Thank God! Currently, the only furniture in the house is our bed. It was okay at first, but two weeks of no where to go but the bedroom has worn me out. Even our poor dog is having issues.

We do seem to be moving closer to the finish line. We finally put up our bathroom vanity light and mirror, along with the trim in the living room. The kitchen cabinets are painted, and the kitchen walls have been mudded, sanded, and are ready for paint.

But enough about all that, here are a couple of cool furniture pieces I bought for the living room from Home Decorators.



Never, ever, ever, will I have anything to do with ANY type of home renovation ever again. That being said, we're moving in this weekend. Are we finished?


We have interior doors that still need to be installed. Bottom line - we ordered the wrong doors. Since we can't return them, we've hired someone to make them work. Oy.

Our exterior doors haven't even been bought yet. I've had them picked out for months, but we've had to deal with so many hot messes that we haven't given them much thought.

The bathroom still needs a mirror and its light fixtures installed. Once we got in there, we noticed the wires were fried. So, there's that.


Three months later...

It's been a month since my last post, and I wish I could say we were finished. ACK! Alas, everything has been moving at a snail's pace. Now that school is back in session, it's moving even slower. It still feels like we are months away from being finished. However, I'm hoping for a couple weeks.

We picked up our hardwood floors on Sunday. LOVE IT! I'll post a picture soon. It's natural hand-scraped acacia. We definitely splurged, but it just caught both our eyes and we had to have it. We hadn't splurged on anything yet, and we didn't need a whole lot, so why not? We're putting it down this weekend. I. Can't. Wait.
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