Never, ever, ever, will I have anything to do with ANY type of home renovation ever again. That being said, we're moving in this weekend. Are we finished?


We have interior doors that still need to be installed. Bottom line - we ordered the wrong doors. Since we can't return them, we've hired someone to make them work. Oy.

Our exterior doors haven't even been bought yet. I've had them picked out for months, but we've had to deal with so many hot messes that we haven't given them much thought.

The bathroom still needs a mirror and its light fixtures installed. Once we got in there, we noticed the wires were fried. So, there's that.

The kitchen is yet another hot mess. The cabinets are pretty much all painted (notice I said pretty much). The ones that are finished look really nice with the new hardware, though. I'm pleasantly surprised. We still need to mud a couple places before we paint, and we still need to lay the floor. Oh, and order our countertops.

On a positive note, our furniture is ordered. It should arrive in a week or so. Our new appliances are sitting in boxes in the kitchen. The plumber is coming Saturday to install the dishwasher and hook up the stove and fridge (gotta have a working ice maker!). And the living room floor and hallway is finished (with exception to trim).

starting on the living room
already need a break - lol


It's definitely not a Property Brothers timeline, but we're getting there. Maybe by Christmas we'll be finished. LOL

 photo e54c9d56-967e-44e0-b1c3-759de8c42080_zps3ff14616.png

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