Today I may actually feel like this house may eventually be a home. Our furniture is being delivered this afternoon. Thank God! Currently, the only furniture in the house is our bed. It was okay at first, but two weeks of no where to go but the bedroom has worn me out. Even our poor dog is having issues.

We do seem to be moving closer to the finish line. We finally put up our bathroom vanity light and mirror, along with the trim in the living room. The kitchen cabinets are painted, and the kitchen walls have been mudded, sanded, and are ready for paint.

But enough about all that, here are a couple of cool furniture pieces I bought for the living room from Home Decorators.

I can't wait to put these tables together. I just think they are fun with a contemporary, modern touch. I'm going for a homey, but minimalist decor. So the less bulky items, the better.
The garden stool is the perfect height for our daughter. She thinks it's a drum. Because our living area is smaller than our last house, I needed a way to throw in some extra seating if we needed it. This garden stool is my answer. It's a side table and seat all in one. Love it.

I found some really cute accent rugs this weekend at Wal-Mart, of all places. It had all my base colors - beiges, grays, and a hint of ivory and silver. The picture doesn't quite do it justice. I'm going to sit my kitchen table on this larger one. I bought a few smaller ones to put in front of the stove and the back door.
I bought this little lamp at Target. This isn't the actual color. It's more of a grayish taupe. I'm going to sit it on the nesting tables. I also found some really cute accent rugs here as well. I had to refrain from buying more rugs, since I just bought several the day before at Wal-Mart. Oh well. I'll have the basement to decorate at some point. I'll hold out until then. :)

 photo e54c9d56-967e-44e0-b1c3-759de8c42080_zps3ff14616.png

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