Kitchen Sneak Peak

Construction is underway in the basement. We are going on week two. Most of the sheet rock is up and the mud is drying. Once it's dry, the bathroom can finally get put back together. There's definitely some low ceilings around the bathroom entrance, but that's to be expected in an old house with a basement. Luckily, I'm short so it doesn't matter.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything is finished by Thanksgiving. Here's a sneak peak of our kitchen. I'm definitely going to have to install a backsplash since the countertop backing is a little lower than the old ones, but I'm really pleased with how everything has turned out so far. I had our construction crew install a pendant light over the sink. Who knew a little light could add so much to a space?

New windows and paint on the cabinets.
New pendant light, dishwasher, fridge (you can see the outline on the right), countertops, faucet, and hardware.
Stay tuned for a final unveiling. :)

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