Bathroom #1 Remodel - Part 1

Someday I hope to have the bathroom of my dreams, but until then a nice, clean bathroom will have to do. I knew we would have to completely gut the upstairs bathroom. It's the only bathroom on the main floor. (No master. Insert whiny face here.)  In reality, the bathroom is about the same size, if not a little bigger, than the bathrooms in our other house, and that's not saying much. However, it was in horrible, horrible shape.

Because the majority of our budget is going towards bigger things (finishing the basement, windows, etc.), we had to be frugal. At one point, I planned to have the shower tiled, but unforeseen budget issues inevitably popped up and we had to reconsider our options. After discussing our options with our plumber, he suggested we purchase a tub/shower surround ensemble. (You can find the Sterling shower surround here and the Sterling tub here.) We also went ahead and bought an in-stock bathroom vanity from Lowes. So far, so good.

Our next headache came with choosing a countertop. Because the niche for the vanity isn't standard, we couldn't go with a standard size vanity. This brought us back to our in-store options. We decided to purchase our sink and a countertop slab and have it cut to fit. I really do like our countertops even though they aren't a fancy granite or marble.

Once our plumber arrived to work on the bathroom, he informed us he wouldn't install the fixtures we had chosen. Apparently, they were quite leaky. He sent us back to find a specific brand that he likes to use. Unfortunately, the satin nickel finish I wanted wasn't available, so we went with my next choice - an oil rubbed bronze. I was worried it would be a little drastic next to the creamy white countertop, but it's actually quite nice. The darker finish really brings out the different colors in the countertop. (Thank Goodness!)

Next up? The floor.

We decided to be all crazy and try something new, especially since we have a little one running around who is just learning to walk and run. We chose a luxury vinyl tile that you can actually grout.  It looks great. My pictures of the ongoing bathroom reno were lost once I got my new phone. Oops.

I still need to decide what I'm going to do with the lighting above the mirror. I have some ideas, but I want to wait until the flooring, paint, and vanity are completely installed.

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