Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors: Part 1

As much as I'd love to have all new kitchen cabinets installed, it's not going to happen. At first, I thought I may buy cabinet doors only. Our cabinets are solid wood and are still in great shape, so why not just update them a little, right? Well, who knew cabinet doors were so pricey? (**sighing in defeat**)

We do have a flea market-esque store here in town called The Peddler's Mall that carries cabinets, doors, trim, etc. I'm keeping my eyes open for what I want because hopefully, at some point, I can find a complete set. It just might take a while.

Until then, we paint.

Originally, I wanted white cabinets. The house is around 2000 square feet, give or take a few once we're done with the reno, but that's divided between two floors. Since it's an older home and the basement stairs are horribly located, we can't take the wall down between the kitchen and living room. Therefore, I need to keep my paint and all decor light and airy because I don't have that open concept anymore. That being said, the paint color we chose for our walls is a little lighter than I expected and I'm afraid the white cabinets and white trim around the walls will be too much. So, I'm leaning towards a dark gray. I've narrowed it down to three choices.

1. Spalding Gray by Sherwin Williams. The walls below are painted in spalding gray.

2. Mink by Sherwin Williams.

3. Sealskin by Sherwin Williams

I'm leaning towards the sealskin. It's a dark charcoal, muted black. I know that's the opposite of light and airy, but with the light walls and white trim and the right accents (maybe some jewel tones or even some glass hardware?), I'm thinking it will work.

I'm going to get samples of all of three and paint a cabinet door. Once I see how it looks next to our wall color, I'll make a final decision. Who knows, maybe I'll scrap all three. Worst case scenario? We just start over. Let's hope that doesn't happen.

What do you think? Any suggestions?

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